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Ulrika Westerberg and THE TRE KRONOR BAROQUE ENSEMBLE play music from the Düben Collection in Uppsala which contains the surviving portions of the repertoire of the Swedish Chapel Royal (today the Royal Stockholm Opera Orchestra) from the reign of Queen Christina in the 1640s and 1650s to that of Charles XI in the 1710s. The bulk of the collection comprises ecclesiastical vocal music intended for services at court, but there are also more than 300 instrumental pieces – mostly dance movements, variations and sonatas. Much of it is typically occasional music, used for ballets, banquets and courtly ceremonies, but there are also a number of ambitious works apparently designed for more attentive listening.


1. Samuel Peter von Sidon (1640-1700) Sonata con Allemanda, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue

2. Kaspar Förster (1616-73) Sonata à 3 c-minor

3. Johan Erasmus Kindermann (1616-55) Sonata No 2 in a

4.Wilhelm Brade (1560-1630) Coral Violino solo e Basso Continuo

5. Johan Erasmus Kindermann (1616-55) Sonata No 1 in d

6. Gustav Düben (1628-90) Suite for Harpsichord and Basso Continuo Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande

7. Anonymus Una bellissima sonata à 2 Violini e Viola da Gamba e Basso Continuo

8. Vincenzo Albrici (1631-96) Sinfonia à 2 Violini e Basso Continuo

9. Anonymus Sonata à 2 Violini con Viola da Gamba

10. Nicolaus Adam Strungk (1640-1700) Sonata à 3

11. Johann Wilhelm Furchheim (ca. 1635-1682) Sonata a due Violini


Ulrika Westerberg brings off this demanding repertory remarkably well. She is a brilliant violinist and an astute student of baroque performance practices. I am particularly struck by her sensitivity to the shifting affects in these compositions.
LOEWEN American Record Guide Jan/Feb 2007

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