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"Staffan’s piano music is well written, cogent and “handy”. Above all it shows great care and love for craftsmanship, for the material, an awareness of expressive texture and of the character of the various motifs. The melodies range from the grandiloquently romantic or violently percussive to a low-key, pensive singing or humming. He constrains me, as pianist and musician, to ponder completely different approaches from what I have grown accustomed to, and also to see the classical repertoire in a different light. He surprises, he enchants, he does new and good things for the piano repertoire and every moment spent playing his music is one of great joyfulness" Francisca Skoogh.


1.  L´heure bleue, 2005


Trois tableaux:

2.   Les Iles d´or, 2006

3.   Femmes au jardin, 2004/06 (prelude – air – interlude – air – interlude – air – interlude – air et epilogue)

4. La vague violette, 2006/09


5. I skuggan av en sommar, för två pianon, 1989


Lied vom Meer, Song Of The Sea 2009

6.   Uraltes Wehn vom Meer

7.   Meerwind bei Nacht

8.   von weit herein…

9.   … im Mondschein


10.  Das Gift, 1993


L’heure bleue (2005), the first track, was dedicated to Francisca Skoogh and is part of her standing repertoire. She was one of the pianists who premiered the two-piano composition I skuggan av en sommar, partnered this time by Roland Pontinen. Staffan Storm (b. 1964) often derives inspiration from French piano music, as is particularly evident in Trois tableaux. This texturally sumptuous music has a spur-of-the-moment ring to it. There is an interesting personal angle in Das Gift, which builds on a “mystical guitar chord” by Strindberg. Everything, from start to finish, is rendered by Skoogh with dedicated empathy.

Lars Hedblad SvD

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