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For this CD Nils-Erik Sparf and David Härenstam, a duo with several radio and TV performances to their credit, have put together a medley of music for violin and guitar. The intimacy of this form of chamber music and its richness of texture are essential to the works chosen, several of which, including the title track, “Spheres”, were expressly written for the duo. This Swedish music thoroughly deserves to be broadcast worldwide. Sparf is perhaps best known as an interpreter of Baroque music, but here he gives free rein to his versatility and mastery in music of a more contemporary kind. Härenstam’s beautiful and virtuoso guitar playing is also worthy of an international audience. He belongs to the new generation of brilliant guitarists in Sweden who are also actively contributing towards a broadening of the instrument’s repertoire.


Albert Schnelzer (b. 1972)

Spheres  /2004 Manus/ 

1 Largo tranquillo

2 Allegro

3 Presto e ritmico – Cadenza Chitarra – Cadenza Violino – Largo tranquillo


Herman D. Koppel (1908-1998)

Duo for violin og guitar /1987 Kleinerts Musik Forlag / 

4 Allegro energico

5 Adagio

6 Vivace


Erland von Koch (b. 1910)

Canto e Danza /1975 Ed. Suecia/

7 Canto

8 Danza


Jörgen Jersild (1913-2004)

10 Impromptus /1987 Manus/ 

9 Andantino

10 Con brio

11 Allegretto cantabile

12 Poco sostenuto

13 Guisto

14 Con sentimento

15 Robusto

16 Lento e espressivo

17 Presto

18 Con dolcessa


Eberhard Eyser (b. 1932)

Correlazione /2006 Manus/ 

19 Sostenuto

20 Più vivo

21 Sostenuto

22 Più vivo

23 Vivace

24 Tempo di Tango

25 Vivace

26 Sostenuto

27 Più vivo

28 Sostenuto

29 Più vivo


Staffan Mossenmark (b. 1961)

30 From Tuscany to Barents Sea /2007 Manus/

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