Hilding Rosenberg Piano works vol. 2

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This collection provides a fascinating picture of Rosenberg's compositional development. Mats Widlund is one of the leading soloists in Sweden and performs regularly with all the major symphony orchestras in the country. His international engagements have included performances throughout Europe, in USA, Canada and Japan.

The release of this recording has been made possible through the support of the
Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.
Critically acclaimed.


Suite (1924)
1. I Präludium Pomposo [2.37]

2. II Arabesk Allegro non tanto con tenerezza [4.07]

3. III Impromtu Molto Adagio [2.56]

4. IV Pastoral Poco Allegretto, piacevole [3.54]

5. V Burlesk á la marcia [3.32]

Sonat nr 2 (1925)
6. I Quasi Allegretto [4.30]
7. II Tema con variazioni [8.12]

8. III Final Allegro assai [2.11]

Sonat nr 4 (1927)
9. I Poco largamente [2.45]

10. II Allegro assai [3.32]

11. III Andantino [3.06]

12. IV Allegro grazioso [4.32]

13. Tema con variazioni (1941) [17.10]

Sonatin (1949)
14. I Allegretto [5.01]

15. II Lento molto tranquilla [5.08]

16. III Allegro vivace [3.18]

Total: [76.32]


There is some extremely attractive music on this disc. While the two sonatas can be a challenge the other works here are immediately amicable without being anodyne.

The Gallic impressionism Suite: Delicately tuneful miniature chiming impressionism of Arabesk and Pastoral, Pierrot wanderings of Impromptu. Nothing Schoenbergian here. Prize listening for anyone partial to Ravel or Goossens

The polished Satie-like scattiness and repose of the second sonata is not to be preferred to the
fourth sonata. The latter, in the first movement, rests moored at ease on an unthreateningly rocking ocean - even slightly Brahmsian. This is succeeded by an earnest perpetuum mobile and a classic andantino ruffled by breezes predictive of Shostakovich - or at least so they sound. 1927 is far too early for any direct influence.

On into the 1940s. The Theme and Variations entrancingly threads delicate silken lines into a
glistening impressionistic curtain soon to be developed in angry turbulence, impatience and
drizzled peace. Shostakovich is certainly a glassy influence in the 1949 Sonatina (its Allegretto rather like parts of Niels-Viggo Bentzon's Det Tempererede Klaver on ClassicO CLASS CD 210-225).

The playing time is very generous. Notes are good though silent on Sonata No. 4.
If you are pressed to choose between volumes 1 and 2 go for No. 1 - a fine production all-round.
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Rob Barnett - http://www.musicweb.uk.net

Mats Widlund's recordings on Daphne re-establish Rosenberg's music. Here are two recordings that might well become long term companions in a music lover's life.
H-G Peterson - http://www.svd.se

Music which is easy to listen to and played with both great insight and spontaneity.
Stig Jakobsson - Hifi and Music.

Widlund's interpretations are characterized by a remarkable clarity.
Björn Gustavsson - http://www.nerikes.se

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